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Elast-O-Pure O-Rings & Custom Gaskets

Elast-O-Pure O-Rings & Custom Gaskets

The James Walker range of Elast-O-Pure High Performance Gaskets and Seals are now available direct from Puresil-Techniflex Ltd.
Over the past four years Elast-O-Pure seals have been developed and tested at some of the major pharmaceuticals and biotech manufacturing facilities around the world resulting in range of high integrity animal free Tri-Clamp gaskets, Valve seals and vessel seals all of which conform to FDA & USP class VI compliance for the finished product,

Detailed information

Puresil- Techniflex are a main UK distributors for James Walker’s range of Elast-O-Pure high purity T/C gaskets and valve seals.

Elast-O-Pure gaskets and seals have been developed by James Walker in conjunction with some of the major / Blue Chip pharmaceuticals and biotech manufacturing facilities around the world,

The result, after exhaustive in house testing carried out over thousands of hours in a range of demanding process applications, we are now able to offer a range of high integrity and high purity Tri-Clamp gaskets, Valve seals, O’Rings and vessel seals which not only offer full USP class VI compliance for the finished product, but also offers a much safer working environment, Extended product working life and long term cost effective solutions to similar
sealing products currently available from other gasket manufacturers.

The Elast-O-Pure Tri-Clamp gaskets colour seal system has been designed to meet the specific needs of the Biopharmaceutical Industry. Through it’s innovative design the colour seal offers controlled compression, ease of assembly and colour-coding in one package, Colour seals T/C gasket supporting element is available in a range of colours allowing for easy product process segregation, Colourseal gaskets are commonly use during individual batch processing runs.

Colour Seal ( Golour grip ) Tri-clamp gaskets are available with full USP Class VI & FDA Classifications in EPDM, Viton®/FKM or Platinum cured translucent silicone materials.
Because the T/C coloured grip support element is classed as a none product contact component, validation requirements are minimised or eliminated when changing gasket colours or switching to the colour Seal.

Elast-O-Pure Tri-Clamp gaskets are available in sizes ranging from 1/2” Mini to 6” standard Tri-Clover and are supplied with Full Material batch and lot traceability with full document support to the point of origin.

An added feature of our colour seal Tri-clamp gaskets at sizes 1” and above is the ability to clip lock the seal onto the back of the Tri-clover ferrule. This unique gripping action makes the assembly of Tr-Clamp unions much easier for the operator as the seal holds itself in place leaving the operator or fitters both hands to clamps the flanges together, this gripping action also ensures proper alignment of the seals giving a clean leak free connection time after time.

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Tri-Clover Gasket Range Silicone Gaskets with Clamp PTFE Envelope Gaskets Colour Grip Gaskets
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