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High Purity Flow Control Valve Assemblies

High Purity Flow Control Valve Assemblies

The Pure-Clamp is a unique designed flow control and closure clamp for use with tubing and hoses that require increased clamping pressures.
It can be used with a range of tubing sizes and is quickly installed with a positive and simple swing-away locking mechanism
Pure-Clamp is the ideal and cost effective solution which enables the user to easily control the flow for all liquid medias within your system.

Detailed information

Benefits of the Puresil-Techniflex Pure-Clamp:

· Smooth contours provide clean-ability.
· Can be gamma irradiated or repeatedly autoclaved.
· Resistant to most chemicals.
· No tools are required.
The Pure-Clamp can is suitable for single use systems or may be continually reused.
The Pure-Clamp is lightweight and durable,
Offers high tensile strength and is compatible with most flow line applications.
Heavy Duty:
· High strength polymer technology with a unique design that allows the Pure-Clamp to be used -
  in a variety of flexible tubing transfer and sampling applications.
· Exceeds the working pressure of tubing and hose.
· The clamp hinge is constructed from a high-impact material.

Product Images
Flow Closure Clamps Silicone Hose & Tubing with Pure-Clamp
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