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Ultra-Flon - Smooth Bore PFA / PTFE Lined Silicone Covered Hoses

Ultra-Flon - Smooth Bore PFA / PTFE Lined Silicone Covered Hoses

Ultra-Flon SB smooth bore PFA / PTFE lined USP Class VI process hoses from Puresil-Techniflex UK.
Specifically designed for use during the production of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Fine chemicals, Ultra-Flon SB hoses are safer to handle, easy to clean and are the ideal choice of hose where increased working pressure and temperatures are required. All Ultra-flon SB hoses can be fitted with our range of Safe-Lok interlocking and hygienically swaged hose end connections.

Detailed information

The combination of silicone and PFA gives this hose excellent thermal properties even for the most aggressive products avoiding any risk of degradation and product contamination.
Ultra-Flon SB hoses are highly resistant to repetitive and dynamic cycling typically found in dosing or filling machine applications.

Puresi-Techniflex Ultra-Flon SB hoses conform to FDA and USP Class VI requirements, All have a wipe clean silicone outer cover, 100% smooth bore PTFE hose liner, embedded stainless steel wire helix and textile reinforcements which help to make this hose one of the most flexible smooth bore PTFE lined hose available. The unique construction of Ultra-Flon SB hoses offers both increased pressure and temperature operating conditions.

Safer hose handling and easy cleaning,
The vulcanised USP Class VI outer silicone hose cover makes the hoses much safer and easier to handle compared with the alternative steel braided hoses offered by our competitors.
The silicone outer cover also acts as a heat protective / insulating barrier to help protect plant operators when the hoses are used for increased temperature processes and the smooth outer cover can be easily wiped clean to help you maintain optimum cleanliness.

·      USP Class VI.
·      FDA 21 CFR177.1550.
·      3A Sanitary Standards.
·      USDA.

·      Load cell and Weigh Vessels.
·      CIP & SIP systems.
·      WFI and Clean steam processes.
·      Sampling systems.
·      Filling equipment.
·      Bioreactor process systems.
·      Fermentation.
·      Bulk products transfer.

Benefits of Puresil-Techniflex Ultra-Flon hose:
·      1/2” - 2” N/B sizes available.
·      -100°F (-73°C) to 500°F (260°C). offers both increased working pressure and temperature capabilities.
·      Highly Flexible and Light weight.
·      Internal surface finishes to 4-6 μin Ra.
·      Can be repeadly autoclaved and steam sterilised.
·      Hygienically swaged interlocking ( Safe-Lok ) end fittings.
·      Full vacuum rated.
·      Good Insulating design. ( protects plant operators ).

End Connections:
·      All hygienic, sanitary and standard hose end connections are available in a range of designs, materials and sizes.
·      All end connections are machined to offer a smooth transitional flow where the end fitting is connected to the hose liner to eliminate any potential steps or product entrapment areas.

Ø  316L Stainless Steel. Hastelloy, Titanium, Monel & Super Duplex.
Ø  ‘Heat’ Lot Number Stamped or etched to offer full material traceability.
Ø  Part Number Stamped or Etched.
Ø  ‘Reducing End Fittings’ .
Ø  Surface finished down to 0.25 Ra.
Ø  Electro-polishing “On Request”
Ø  Non-standard fittings and dimensions can be provided to match your existing fittings or pipework connections.

Product Images
Ultra-Flon 2 Ultra-Flon Ultra-Flon 3 Ultra-Flon Tag
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