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Single-Use High Purity Process Valves with disposable diaphragms / liners.

Single-Use High Purity Process Valves with disposable diaphragms / liners.

Single-Use Arterial Process Flow Control Valves

ARTeSYN Arterial Process Valves are the latest innovation for Aseptic, Sterile and Single Use Process Applications.

The Arterial Process valves are a range of High Purity Flow Control Valves which feature the fewest number of product contact components possible in a valve: One!

The revolutionary design of these valves eliminates the need to use out-dated tubing clamps or forceps.

ARTeSYN Valves are designed to be totally customisable and are available in a various materials and connection options so they can be easily integrated into your existing or new systems.

Valves can be manually operated or fully automated and their unique and compact design makes them ideal for use in tight and confined spaces.

All valves offer precise and accurate flow control of all process liquids. The disposable internal tubing elements are quickly and easily replaced without the need for any tools - making cleaning and preparation for your next process run quick and simple.

Detailed information

The benefits of using the ARTeSYN Arterial Process Valves?

1. Provides accurate, reliable flow control and closure of all critical and process medias.

2. Non-product contact for all flow closure and control mechanisms - removes the need for cleaning and validation.

3. ARTeSYN fully moulded single use valve liners / diaphragms can be supplied in a range of high purity transfer materials including Platinum cured Silicone, C-Flex or TPE alternatives and Arteprene which is an exact alternative material to Marprene, Pharmed & Ameprene. All tubing elements supplied by Puresil-Techniflex to suit the ARTeSYN valves will be produced from only High Purity, Animal-Free (ADCF) materials as standard.

4. Can be actuated and integrated to a PLC (Programmable Logic Computer System) which enables you to fully automate your process systems.

5. Can be installed with Electronic Position Feedback with LED’s indicating whether the Valve is Open, Closed or ‘Open and Closed’ (Part open/closed).

6. Helps to reduce the cost of your disposable manifolds. Purchase ARTeSYN valve only once and simply replace the disposable tubing elements as and when required.
Stop paying for ratchet clamps and the high labour costs usually associated when installing valves as well as additional packaging costs!

7. ARTeSYN valves are environmentally friendly in that they reduce the amount of plastic to be incinerated or put into landfill sites.

8. Fully moulded and highly safe flexible tubing sets or transfer manifolds can also be produced to suit our multiple valve modules can be custom produced for all media transfer or sampling requirements.

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Automaded Valve Modue ARTeSYN Hinged Sampling Valve
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