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TLCT & WTLCT Smooth Bore PTFE lined Process Hoses

TLCT & WTLCT Smooth Bore PTFE lined Process Hoses

Puresil-Techniflex now stock a range of TLCT and WTLCT smooth bore rubber covered PTFE lined process hoses for use with Pharmaceuticals, Food, Dairy and Bio-Chemicals manufacturing.
TLCT hoses are ideally suited for CIP / SIP cleaning systems and for clean steam transfer lines when fitted with the Techniflex range of Safe-Lok Interlocking hose end connections.
ATEX approved PTFE lined hoses can be produced to order.

Detailed information

Techniflex TLCT and WTLCT process hoses are available with either white “Virgin” PTFE or Black “Anti-Static” PTFE smooth bore hose liners both of which conform to FDA & USP Class VI requirements.

TLCT hose sizes range from: 1/2” up to 4” NB (13mm up to 102mm) and can be supplied in continuous lengths up to 30m long (100ft)

Hose Capabilities:
Working pressure of up to 500 PSI (34.00 Bar) can be achieved, Working temperatures range from - 40°C to +177°Centigrade. (-40°F to +350°F). when these hoses are fitted with our Safe-Lok hose end fittings.

Techniflex Safe-Lok hose end fittings.
Interlocking crimped and hygienically swaged hose end connections which are available in all standard and non-standard thread forms, flanges and quick release couplings in a range of materials including stainless steel, hastelloy, titanium, super duplex,mild steel and brass. PTFE Lined / Tafted and flared end fittings are also available on request.

TLCT Hose construction:
• Inner Tube liner: Chemfluor® FEP / PTFE ( 100% Smooth bore )
• Cover: EPDM rubber
• Reinforcement:—Multiple layers of polyester plycord and EPDM rubber—Double embedded wire helix,
• End Fittings: Hygienically swaged or 360 degree radial crimped with interlocking “Safe-Lok” design.
  steel, hastelloy, titanium, super duplex,mild steel and brass.

ATEX Approved Hoses.
Techniflex offer a range of flexible hoses and complete hose assemblies which conform with ATEX application requirements.

Typical Applications:
• Load cells.
• Skid transfer.
• Pumping stations/portable pumps.
• Vessel or tank transfer.
• Rail car loading/unloading..
• Chemical transfer process lines.

Additional technical data is available on request.

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